Community Resource Networking Plan

Improving Sustainable Resource Management: Collaboration among local organizations to support initiatives aimed at improving resource management practices.

Establishing a Comprehensive Directory of Nonprofit Resources: A directory listing of nonprofit resources streamlines access to essential services. It is also a first step in creating closer working relationships with local resource providers.

Promoting Workgroups for Community Meetings: Encouraging the use of workgroups over formal meetings enhances the quality of decisions by fostering a more inclusive decision-making processes; it strengthens connections between participants, fostering greater trust and collaboration within communities.

Addressing Social Isolation: Facilitate community engagement by organizing events such as “Hi Neighbor” gatherings and resource festivals, and by creating social meeting places where individuals can come together, reducing social isolation and increasing the potential for new relationships to develop.

Enhancing Livability: Focusing on quality of life issues like affordable housing, food access, education, community engagement, cultural exchanges, parks, open space, walkways, and friendliness.