The Center of Trust: Community

The following briefly describes a 5 point plan for local communities to improve efforts addressing livability and sustainability.

November 2023: This is just a very brief outline of a project that will undergo continuous change.

The Center of Trust is the local community; it’s also the title of a book in progress.

Local communities should implement the following:

Step 1

Create a Mission Statement

Mission statements serve the same purpose for a village, town, or city government as it does for any organization: it identifies key values and priorities, and indicates the direction community actions should take. A mission statement keeps goals out front; it also opens the possibility for anyone to hold government accountable.

Step 2.
Create a Library Community Network

The library community network (LCN) relies on two administrative designs to promote collaborative efforts between resource providers, library patrons, and the local government.

Community resource directory example: Ossining Community Directory

The directory:

  • Promotes closer working relationships between local nonprofits, citizens, and government;
  • Increases resource visibility for citizens;
  • Enables the possibility for program collaboration between nonprofits, and between nonprofits and local government.

Step 3.
Sponsor a Resource Festival

Sponsored by the local public library, a resource festival literally brings people into contact with the services and activities that nonprofit organizations offer to the community. It can be held anywhere there is suitable space and can include typical festival activities—food kiosks and entertainment.

Step 4.
Create a Government Department Network

This network consists work–groups that consist of representatives of government departments, plus those invited to attend from the local public library, nonprofit resource providers, and citizens.

Like the LCN, the GCN is centered on outreach, communicating an inviting and friendly atmosphere, one that is backed up by commitments made in a mission statement.

Step 5.
Encourage Collaboration

A community resource network (CRN) is by nature collaborative because one of its basic requirements is for personal interaction. And personal interaction can be contagious: just talking about collaboration can itself cause a shift in perspective and inspire new ways of approaching issues.